NZ kitset house lockwood

NZ kitset house lockwood

Lockwood Homes, who are known for their kit-set wooden houses, are turning 60 this year! Which is quite amazing. So, I thought I would ask Andrew La Grouw (who not only owns the Nelson franchise, but is also grandson of one of the founders, Jo LaGrouw) a few questions:

Which is your favourite Lockwood home and why is it important to you?
My favourite Lockwood is our own home that we finished building end of last year. Our home is a relatively compact house, lovely and warm, perfect for raising our two young daughters. Our youngest daughter was born in the living room.

Which is your favourite piece of small New Zealand design (which you think is as important as the iconic Lockwood designs)?
We love David Trubridge’s lights. They compliment Lockwood’s really well. Many Lockwoods have high vaulting ceilings and a nice big hanging pendant light works really well. Like a Lockwood, Trubridge lights come as pre-manufactured components that need to be assembled on site. And just like a Lockwood, putting together a Trubridge light is a very enjoyable exercise. And just as I can spot a Lockwood from a mile away, I can spot a Trubridge light as soon as I walk into a room, and I smile to myself for they are such lovely things to behold.

Images courtesy of Lockwood Homes

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